As a Mental Fitness Coach, Audrey’s passion is to water the flowers and kill the weeds, while breathing life into teens that are struggling with mental health. It is without a doubt that today’s generation is struggling to overcome obstacles that are affecting their relationships with their parents and peers. Parenting has become a lot harder. It is why we need to work together to ensure that our youth today are able to face mental health challenges and that parents are aware that they are not alone!

~Mom, FL

“My teen daughter struggled with social anxiety and depression. But with Ms. Millan’s support my daughter overcame obstacles that would have prevented her from attending her high school graduation. All while strengthening our relationship as mother and daughter. I will be forever grateful.”

Teen Wheel of Life

This is a simple but powerful tool designed to help your teen visualize their present balance between different areas regarding their current situation and identify which will most benefit them by improving.